For All That Just Want To Be

Hi, I’m Be. We all deserve a place where we can just be ourselves without any judgement. That is why I’m going to blog about my thoughts, advice and lessons learned throughout the years on this weird planet. Be for you before you be for anything else.

Let it G[r]O[w]…

It’s been our first ever winter living through a pandemic. let that sink in. Writing those words just sent shivers down my arms even though the weather is now warming up. Not looking forward for what’s to come and it’s very scary — especially with the way the world seems to be turning out andContinue reading “Let it G[r]O[w]…”


Do you sometimes feel like you’re floating through space on a dying rock? There’s moments of letting go and just being. These moments may bring out different parts of you that you thought were left behind. But being isn’t linear. This doesn’t mean you fell backwards and are now picking up where you were aContinue reading “Floating”

Changes are coming. Are we ready?

I think what 2020 really showed us is that change is inevitable. Not only has 2020 been a year of unpredictability, I think we all are used to some type of change at a certain level. Maybe that’s a good thing? More is coming soon…

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